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Immersed in Reflections
Elvira Monteforte
October 1

We are delighted to announce a brand new exhibition to start the fall series of art shows featuring tri-city artists, at our gallery, located in Port Coquitlam.  Visitors will be able to see artist Elvira Monteforte’s photography work for the first time. The show title Immersed in Reflections will speak to locals who frequent walking paths and trails throughout the tri-cities.  She says of this new work, “This collection of photos celebrates the happy moments when I walked by dog along the trails through our parks, forests, and next to lakes and rivers. This everyday contact with nature has caused inner reflections on the beauty of this corner of the world I now call home.  I saw myself reflected in the puddles of water and wanted to capture that blend of inner and outer reflection in one image.”

Elvira is a multi-media, visual artist who was born and raised in Mexico City and is well known for her public art projects and murals throughout that city.  She has been very active in the public art scene of the tri-cities since she moved to Canada in 2006 with installations at Gates, Hyde and Lion’s Park and has served as an artist in residence on multiple projects. The most recent was her 2021 PoCo installation when she and her partner Dolores Altin dressed up 25 trees in Lions Park, weaving circle and strip cut-outs to create costumes that were wrapped around the trunks. Check out the Behind the Scenes video on the project here.

Artist and owner of the Studios, Susan L. Greig says, “This new show, Immersed in Reflections by Elivra Monteforte, is the perfect way to launch our new fall series featuring local artists in our gallery space.  Due to covid many locals may not have had opportunity to visit us so we are looking forward to sharing this work and giving our visitors a chance to experience more of our amazing local artistic talent.”

Elvira will be on site to discuss her work on October 1. Please contact 778-886-5391 or braidststudios@gmail.com if you would like more information.

Covid Protocols in place
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September 5
Van Dop Pop Up

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Please do not come to the Studio if you are sick or have and symptoms

Upon arriving please stop at our reception desk and sanitize your hands. We are serious about your health and protection.  We have a touche free thermometer and we will happily take your temperature (not required for entry).  The Studio has lots of space for physical distancing however we do ask you to wear a mask.  We have extras at the front desk.  Please maintain physical distancing throughout your visit.
Thank you for helping us all stay safe!


Deadline March 24, 2019



What happens when camera-wielding visionaries go from picture takers to image makers to art creators? When their often unorthodox art practices challenge what society expects from photography and photographers? Find out at UnderExposed, a juried exhibition of genre-bending photo-based art in New Westminster’s 100 Braid St Studios.

Since it’s early years photography has enjoyed life at the fringes of the visual arts world but in recent decades it has grown up to be more than just a tool to document the world; it has become a mature and respected creative medium which is shaping the world and how we see it.

UnderExposed showcases the work of a group of lens-based artists who dance at an intersection connecting multiple art disciplines and methodologies. Here, rules are broken and the medium is bent and transformed with some surprising results. These practitioners have assembled to reveal photography’s full potential as an art form and to launch an exciting new art movement.

UnderExposed. Part festival. Part art exhibition. Part art salon. All inspiring!

APRIL 7  1-3PM
In the early 20th century, artists, men of letters, theater people and art dealers met to debate and discuss the arts at Le Bateau-Lavoir in Paris, the birthplace of what became the cubism movement. As the largest working art studio in a heritage building outside of Vancouver, our Sunday Salon held during the UnderExposed Exhibition, will provide a similar lively atmosphere where a panel of lens-based artists, academics, and gallery owners will explore the cultural relevance of photography as a mature and respected creative art medium which is shaping the world. Mixed media has often been used in the art world to express work that contains photography but when a photographer bends the medium what genre do they feel describes their work? How do they describe themselves? An artist? A photographer? Panelists and the audience will explore photography’s potential as an art medium and the birth of a new photography based art movement.


(810 Quayside Driver)

December 1

70+ Handmade Vendors with Food, Beer, Wine, and Live Music!

Free Admissions here.

Sponsored by Arts Council of New Westminster