Who is Behind 100 Braid St Studios

Hello, I’m Susan & owner of 100 Braid St Studios. Welcome!

In 2013 I asked myself, If I could do anything I wanted for work and I wasn’t afraid to fail, what would it be? The answer & vision for an arts community where visitors can see working studio artists and then be inspired to explore their own creative natures can sharply into view. That vision is now a reality and I hope you’ll join me at 100 Braid St and come be part of the community!

About Us
100 Braid St Studios is a co-working art studio for New Westminster and Lower Mainland artists that allows visitors to be inspired and to learn from the artists practising in the studio.  We are a non-traditional gallery/studio business model and serve as an incubator for artists in transition or for established artists who wish to reach major career goals.

Studio artists are diverse in medias such as, textile & fibre art, jewellery making, painting, encaustics, paper mache, photography, stained glass and mixed media.

Everything we do fosters creativity:
1.  We provide co-working space for emerging and professional artists (artists learn and support one another), participate in collaborative activities and shows.
2. We provide artists within the studio and in the community with a professional development lecture series designed to inspire creatives of all kinds.
3.  We provide exposure for artists in the space in a non-traditional way to a cross section of the local community, the business sector, and tourists.
4.  We provide paint events that focus on the fun and social aspects of getting together in a casual, relaxed and supportive environment. All of our teachers are professional artists who encourage self-expression, teach techniques and support guests to try out their own style.
5. We provide fine art classes by professional artists that cover painting techniques, colour theory and artistic exploration.
6. We provide social, bonding and team building paint events that support a company or business to build trust between its members.  Art activities encourage thinking about things in a different way and coming up with creative solutions which thereby open up new paths of communication.
7.  We provide space for local non-profits, businesses and corporations to hold events in a creative and inspiring environment.
8.  We provide space for all kinds of celebratory events from couples who are starting their life journey together to end of life celebrations.  Our Studio allows everyone who uses it the opportunity to express the connection that art and creativity have in their lives and to create a unique event that reflects the essence of who they are and the values they hold.

100 Braid St strives to be a leader in New Westminster and Lower Mainland contemporary art scene and to provide a co-working supportive environment where artists can take their careers to new levels. We are a space that serves as an incubator for emerging artists to move into the professional realm and for professional artists to grow and achieve major career goals.  We encourage out of the box artistic exploration and support the public through a variety of workshops, classes, events and meetings to have fun with art in a new kind of environment.

The mission of 100 Braid St is to help creative souls take the courageous step of living in harmony with their values through creativity.  This holds true whether it is a resident artist who is working on their career goals, a company that comes for a team building paint event and wants to find new ways to inspire their employees, the person who attends a paint night and hasn’t created art in years, or a couple planning their wedding.

If you’re really interested in the minutiae you can read the long-drawn out story of how Braid St Studios arrived in my brain here.