Hello I’m Susan & owner of 100 Braid St Studios.  Welcome!

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In 2013 I asked myself, If I could do anything I wanted for work and I wasn’t afraid to fail, what would it be? The answer & vision for an arts community where visitors can see working studio artists and then be inspired to explore their own creative natures can sharply into view.  That vision is now a reality and I hope you’ll join me at 100 Braid St and come be part of the community!

If you’re really interested in the minutiae you can read the long-drawn out story of how Braid St Studios arrived in my brain here, but otherwise here’s a short snapshot of what we’re about.

100 Braid St Studios is an inclusive co-working art studio for New Westminster and Lower Mainland artists that allows visitors to be inspired artistically and to learn from the artists practicing in the studio. Studio artists produce fine art & craft in the form of paintings, sculpture, fiber, jewellery making, photography, and mixed media.

As our philosophy is the expansion of the dialog around the ever-blurring boundaries and continuum of art to craft we provide three programs that foster creativity:

1. Painting or Craft workshops focus on the fun and social aspects of getting together in a group to produce art.
2. Fine art classes cover the basics of a number of painting techniques, colour theory and artistic exploration.
3. In partnership with the Arts Council of New Westminster and the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce we hold monthly workshops designed to provide professional development for creative entrepreneurs.

The Studio also provides an alternative venue for corporate team building, private meetings and celebratory events.

Our 5600 square foot warehouse & former winery is situated directly across from the Braid Skytrain station and at the interesection of Brunette and Braid in New Westminster.  Braid St Studios is an easily accessible location and may be looked on as the beginning of development of the Distillery area across the road and surrounding area of Sapperton.  The studio is open to the public, contains 16 artists’ studios, a large exhibition and gallery space whoch serves as workshop and class facilities.  We are committed to the advancement of local art and artisans, showcasing the diverse international community of the Tri-city area.

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2 thoughts on “About

    Wendy said:
    April 21, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Hi Susan,
    I am a fine arts graduate with a bachelors in fine arts and major in art education from Concordia university in Montreal. I work with children ( burnaby school district) and live on the corner of Braid st and Garrett st. I’m really excited that there may be an opportunity to work on my paintings at your studio! I am looking forward to workshops or studio time- I am still in the busy time of life with three children and a part time job!
    Hope to hear more soon!

      100braidststudios responded:
      April 22, 2014 at 6:10 pm

      Hi Neighbour! Please email me at 100braidststudios@gmail.com and I’ll send you some more information & will put you on the newsletter list which will ensure that you get really up to date information. I’ll be doing some more tours soon so would love to have you come by. We will have drop-in space or can explore other options for your needs. Susan

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