What happens when camera-wielding visionaries go from picture takers to image makers to art creators? When their often unorthodox art practices challenge what society expects from photography and photographers? Find out at UnderExposed, a juried exhibition of genre-bending photo-based art in New Westminster’s 100 Braid St Studios.

Since it’s early years photography has enjoyed life at the fringes of the visual arts world but in recent decades it has grown up to be more than just a tool to document the world; it has become a mature and respected creative medium which is shaping the world and how we see it.

UnderExposed showcases the work of a group of lens-based artists who dance at an intersection connecting multiple art disciplines and methodologies. Here, rules are broken and the medium is bent and transformed with some surprising results. These practitioners have assembled to reveal photography’s full potential as an art form and to launch an exciting new art movement.

UnderExposed. Part festival. Part art exhibition. Part art salon. All inspiring!

In the early 20th century, artists, men of letters, theater people and art dealers met to debate and discuss the arts at Le Bateau-Lavoir in Paris, the birthplace of what became the cubism movement. As the largest working art studio in a heritage building outside of Vancouver, our Sunday Salon held during the UnderExposed Exhibition, will provide a similar lively atmosphere where a panel of lens-based artists, academics, and gallery owners will explore the cultural relevance of photography as a mature and respected creative art medium which is shaping the world. Mixed media has often been used in the art world to express work that contains photography but when a photographer bends the medium what genre do they feel describes their work? How do they describe themselves? An artist? A photographer? Panelists and the audience will explore photography’s potential as an art medium and the birth of a new photography based art movement.


Deadline: March 24, 2019

Eligibility: Open to all artists in Canada, but local drop off and pick up is required. If shipping is required it is the responsibility of the artist.


  • Only original works..
  • We are seeking non-traditional work that incorporates unorthodox art practices; which can include 2D, 3D, Sculptural or ? Please note: lens based work must be the primary element. There are no size restrictions.
  • Artists (or artistic collaborations) must submit a minimum of three and a maximum of ten pieces.
  • Jury will select the number of pieces that will be displayed. Works submitted do not need to be from a single series or body of work.

Availability: Work for exhibition must be available for drop off between March 30-April 5 and jury will work with artist to create a time line for installation. Work will remain on display for the duration of the UnderExposed exhibition: Friday April 5-April 7. Pick up of art will be arranged the following week.

Presentation: Work must be suitably prepared for exhibition, ready for presentation. Any special exhibition requirements (hanging, mounting, free standing, etc) must be specified in your submission. If you have installation based art please review the photos of our space and submit your ideas. 100 Braid St Studios is a space with a number of unique installation and presentation opportunities. A floor plan will be provided of the space as well more detailed photos. The selection committee & gallery owner will work with you to determine which area/space may be the best presentation for your submitted art. Work may be hung from some ceiling pipes, there is a “magnet” wall (art may be attached to the wall using earth magnets), a large chainlink fence gate, a wooden window wall, etc. More information will be provided.

Sales: Work is not required to be for sale; pieces not for sale (NFS) should be labeled as such and should include a value for insurance purposes.100 Braid St Studios will retain a commission of 30% on all works (or orders) sold. If work is sold privately within one month of the show and as a result of the show we ask that artists honour the commission fee.

Entry Fee: There is a $30 non-refundable admission fee.

Entry Form: Please fill out the form below to start the process. After we have your information, you will be emailed a link to upload your images. All images will have a 2Mb size limit.