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Founded in 2014, 100 Braid St Studios is home to the largest collection of shared working-artist’s studios outside of Vancouver proper.

The 100 Braid St building is the last standing piece of the BC Distillery and was built in 1929. “Silk Hat” Cocktails and fancy wines were made in this building and then shipped to the USA during the prohibition. The building has also been home to a winery, lighting, makeup and bicycle manufacturers. Now it is home to an amazing arts community that has been designed to help artists of all kinds make a living at their art.

You will find artwork in a wide variety of media – including painting, photography, jewelry, stained glass, fiber art, printmaking, puppets, and sculpture – in 46 artists’ studios that allow you to observe the creative process, ask questions and purchase original art for your collection. The studio is also home to three writers in residence, a performance artist in residence, as well as Quayside, New Westminster’s own home grown A Capella group and several musicians.

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@100braidst – our main account –see what is happening on a daily basis

@100braidst_gallery – a showcase of our artist’s beautiful work; art shows & events

@100braidst_weddings – a showcase of the beautiful weddings and events held here

@100braidst_events – check here to see events coming up at a glance

@iadanonymous_artshow – our art show of the year –over 100 artists participate


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100 Braid St Studios

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100 Braid St Studios

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