Leslea Hibbert

Abstract / Contemporary Artist


My name is Leslea Hibbert, I was born in St.Catherine’s Ontario. I am an Abstract/Contemporary Artist, my main medium is Acrylic.

I have been involved with the arts my entire life from Dance to Music and Photography to Art.

I am a self taught Artist and Emerging. My first public piece was when I was 15, my piece was gifted to the school that I was attending in Toronto and still hangs to this day. I have gifted many pieces over the years, however, I have been encouraged by so many to push through to the next level.So hear I am ! I returned to the Arts in my 40’s and still wondering why it took me so long to return.

As mentioned previously, I am an emerging artist and have been with 100 Braid St for only a couple of months. Huge moment for me.

In this time I have met beautiful people, exposed to our First Saturday’s and my favorite part learning. I have met wonderful visitors along the way. I am looking forward to eventually leaving the corporate world and creating full time. Never give up on your dreams, they can come true!!

Artist Statement

I am an Abstract / Contemporary Artist. Most of my works have been fully or partially textured in one way or another. I love creating depth and texture. Each piece takes me on a journey as it comes to life.

I have worked with Glass Shards, Heat Gun to create Depth, a unique perspective in a strong but subtle way. I enjoy learning and experimenting with all mediums. My main is Acrylic paint, I do not have a limit with colours, I love them all, Depends on the piece itself. Each piece has a story, some I share & some I hold dear.

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