Tracey Costescu

Contemporary Artist


Tracey Costescu is an award winning artist residing in British Columbia, Canada. Her work captures the emotion and atmosphere of her subject, balancing classical realism with a contemporary, atmospheric aesthetic. While she works deliberately, consciously employing traditional and non-traditional techniques, a great deal of her work relies on the subconscious, intuitively following the direction that her work takes her.

She hopes to provide the viewer a glimpse into a private world of hope, calm and the search for a deeper sense of purpose. She strives to inspire her viewers to allow their creativity to flow freely in their everyday life by exposing her emotions freely in her work.

Tracey has been extremely fortunate to study with some of the greatest master artists of our time such as Graydon Parrish, Cesar Santos, Gregory Mortenson, Giorgio Dante, Dominique Medici and David Gray. Her work and aesthetic is strongly influenced by them and their mark is deeply imprinted in her subconscious. She strongly believes that learning and challenging oneself is key to happiness in life. This belief is one that she strives to instill in her students, the love of learning, sharing freely and exploring.

Her work has been featured in several publications, movies, book covers and is held in private collections throughout Canada, the Europe and the United States. She also teaches and does demos when her schedule permits.

Artist Statement

My love for creating art began as a child and I have been obsessively honing my skills ever since.. I really enjoy working in all mediums – particularly graphite, oil and acrylics – to express my interpretation of my subjects, nor merely replicate what is necessarily there.

Transforming an empty piece of paper into a captivating expression is a magical process because it’s about rendering the character and essence of my subject not merely creating a likeness. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing traditional and non-traditional techniques, my subconscious is the undisputed leader in the process.

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