The Arts and 100 Braid St are going Virtual for May

The arts help people cope in dark times so I am so delighted to announce that the arts and 100 Braid St are going virtual, bringing many of our events to the comfort of your own home!  At least for the month of May.

Please watch our calendar for:

Paint Nights (& Days) – our well-known paint & sip events are being scheduled for both evenings and day times over the coming month. As a reminder these are not like the paint nights that have been popular in restaurants and bars. We provide professional fine art teachers and by attending our events you will learn a particular technique with each painting and can progress in your skill.

ON THE BRAID STAGE: Music Open Mic Nights – we are moving from Monday night to FRIDAY nights every two weeks!  Why?  Because we can….and there are so many amazing musicians who are a part of the Studio and our programs and willing to share their talents during this time.  We are delighted to showcase them in 8 minute slots from 7-10pm. Performers and attendees can register on Eventbrite. Supported by the Arts Council of New Westminster & Quayside Voices.

ON THE BRAID STAGE: Spoken Word Open Mic Nights – we are moving to one SATURDAY night once a month! 7-10pm.  We have been delighted over the past year to provide space and events for all of the talented spoken word aists and performers locally.  Now we are going Virtual.  The format is similar to our other Open Mic Nights where each person receives an 8 minute time slot.  Performers and attendees can register on Eventbrite. Supported by the Arts Council of New Westminster.

ON THE BRAID STAGE: Artist Talks – this program series is where owner & founder of the studio, Susan L. Greig, invites artists from a range of disciplines to talk about their journey in the creative process. They will share their work, influences, processes and how they navigate the art world. Each artist will provide a piece of original art that will go to one of the people in attendance at this virtual event! Supported by the Arts Council of New Westminster.

ON THE BRAID STAGE:  Zumba with May Elford – along with using the arts to cope during this time, physical activity is imperative.  Therefore we are delighted to be providing space for Zumba classes each Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm and Sundays at 9:15. May is the wife of one of our resident artists & we are delighted to offer her space.  All of her events are by donation-and the monies support both her and the studio.

In Development

ON THE BRAID STAGE: Creative Entrepreneur Talks – this is a joint program with The New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and the Arts Council of New Westminster; You may remember it as a program called “Artovations”.  We are changing it up and these talks will provide self development workshops for artists and creatives that focus on the business side of working in a creative field!

Virtual Fine Art Classes (for Adults) – this program will feature the many talented Braid St resident and local New Westminster artists.  Classes will include: acrylic & oil painting, plein air painting, illustration, creativity, and more.

Virtual Paint Events for Youth & Kids – just like our fabulous Paint events for adults, our artists and teachers are feverishly working on developing paint events that will appeal to the younger generation!  We hope to have these up and scheduled very soon!  Again, like our adult paint events, our teachers will provide actual art instruction that is age appropriate in fun and inventive ways.

ON THE BRAID STAGE: Virtual Concerts
The gallery in studio is a large space and it is possible to provide social distancing for bands and/or groups that wish to perform. We are welcoming expression of interest.

If you have any other ideas for events that could appear ON THE BRAID STAGE and could be live streamed please let us know.  We love our local community, our followers on social media and all of our friends around the world – we want to bring as much arts programming and connectivity through the arts as we possibly can to help all of us get through this.

We will be watching to see announcements from the Canadian and Provincial Governments about events and the number of people that may congregate. Currently it is set at six – so we are unable at this point to accomodate in person events. Once it goes to 8 or more then we can definitely do in person events.

I look forward to seeing you whether it is online or in person.


Susan L. Greig
100 Braid St Studios
New Westminster, BC
V3L 3P4