Susan L. Greig

Susan L. Greig is a contemporary landscape painter and owner of 100 Braid St Studios & Gallery located in New Westminster. A life-long artist, she received training in graphic design & illustration but decided to pursue work as a muralist and developed a successful line of custom painted children’s furniture. Acrylic on canvas is now her main medium but she also enjoys working with mixed media. Susan has participated in many groups shows and her work is hanging in private collections in BC, USA and Mexico and at BC Children’s Hospital.

A resident of New Westminster for the past 15 years, Susan loves to paint life along the Fraser River and West Coast landscapes. The influences that can often be seen in her work are the Group of Seven artists, Ted Harrison, graphic artist Dard Hunter, antique block prints and stained glass. Susan has aboriginal ancestry and is currently exploring and being inspired by Métis culture and how traditional arts can be translated in a modern context.

“Painting is not just the type of art I do or the method I use to create. To me, putting brush to canvas is a form of storytelling. It is capturing a singular moment in time, a “snapshot” that captures the light, the colour, the mood of a place and what has just happened or is about to happen. I lose track of time and I am completely present as I focus on the feel of the brush in my hand and the way the paint spreads and moves. If I am painting en plein air my connection to nature, the sounds of the birds, the river flowing by and the many sounds of life are heightened; it’s as if I have new eyes to see and new ears to hear. There is nothing else, absolutely nothing, that seeps into my core and quiets the deepest parts of my soul as when I am creating art. It’s my hope that connection to nature comes through in whatever I create.”


Instagram: @susanlgreigart

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Phone: 778.886.5391