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IrisLowI am a Visual Artist from The Netherlands. As a child I sat in my fathers atelier and learned everything I could about painting and art. He taught me that copying and studying good art is a instrument to learn technique and so I copied Japanese prints in watercolour and I spent endless hours in museums with my family. At the age of nine I wrote a letter to a local art school asking if I could enter. I was thought too young. As an adult I applied to Art School in the Netherlands, but I fell victim to bouts of depression. Unable to enter into a formal education I studied and apprenticed with visual artist Jan de Kok in 1989. In 1991 I made a permanent move to the West Coast of Canada. Then I entered into part-time studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, but again depression hampered me from continuing. I eventually became permanently disabled with the label of Bi-Polar Disorder 1. Still, I continued to take workshops with artists in my area. At present I work full-time in my studio at home. I also volunteer for non-profit associations by designing posters, newsletters and producing illustrations.

I teach, amoung other things Paint & Sip nights at 100 Braid Street Studios, New Westminster.

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My inspirations are such artists as van Gogh, Rothko, and de Kooning. Running the gamut from impressionism to abstract modernism. Over the years many of my paintings have found their way into private collections both in Europe and Canada.