Sara Hansen



Originally from the small prairie town of Brooks, Alberta, Sara went on to pursue a creative career as a CG artist in feature film. It allowed her to work on over 20 movies and brought her to more urban cities such as Vancouver, B.C. and Wellington, New Zealand.

Working alongside such talented artists was inspiring, but the demanding hours and stressful environment soon began to take a toll on her health. While taking a break from her career, she found refuge in soft pastel and decided to return to traditional art.

Sara is a self taught artist focusing on the pastel medium.

Artist Statement

My work is about exploring the vibrancy found in life. Pastels allow me to discover this in its truest form as I’m able to play with pure unadulterated pigment and create a variety of textures with various strokes.

I like to explore different themes with my work but ultimately the piece must bring a sense of colour and liveliness to the space that it inhibits.

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