Ross Hayduk

By day Ross Hayduk is a mild-mannered industrial machine repairman, but by night he creates incredible and FUNKtional lighted works of art. The intuitive method of working with the very parts he’s removed from the machines he works with has allowed him the freedom and flexibility to exercise his creativity through a 3-D medium. Adding light in a variety of forms through bulbs, strip and LED’s brings a fourth dimension and new life to his creations.

When creating a piece, identity of the original objects disappear into the new work while simultaneously encouraging the observer to discover the original, familiar objects within the composition. Quite often humor or modern cultural references are incorporated & just waiting for to be discovered by observers.

Ross uses a variety of finishes including raw metal, painted metal and glass. Each piece of art can be displayed as such or used in a funktional way as a lamp on a pedestal, table or even hung on a wall.