Monica Moscoso



I was born in Mexico in the state of Guanajuato on April 3, 1981. As an early age I followed my taste for drawing in a self-taught way. I made copies of famous murals such as those by David Alfaro Siqueiros and in particular the works of Diego Rivera, the great Mexican muralist. This is how my taste for art began but the artist who has most influence me is the French painter Henri Matisse and his works in the Fauvism movement.

During my basic education, I take courses in drawing using coloured pencils and acrylic paints and natural life studies.

At University I studied Graphic Design which introduced me to new methods and techniques. These included screen printing, illustration techniques, studio and development photography, sculpture and painting. I also covered editing programs and the methods used in digital printing. At this time, I began to make jewelry with recycled materials such as wood or plastic objects that had been discarded. I assemble them into fantasy pieces that could be either sculptures or paintings using different media and materials. In this way I could create collages in three dimensions. I also took classes in professional photography. My final university degree project focused on the promotion of handicrafts and their impact on design.

Following university, I worked initially for a few years in the Government of Mexico. This was in a secretariat based on supporting artisans and handicrafts. I also worked in a design company where I was involved in printing processes. In Mexico City, I took human figure classes at the Academy of San Carlos for one year.

In 2005, I made the decision to travel to France starting in Marseille. I continued my studies of drawing and the human figure and also worked with glass techniques. I then moved to Paris where I continue taking courses in the aesthetics of art and in drawing classes. This also gave me the opportunity to participate in some collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico and in France.

I moved to Canada in September 2009 arriving in the city of Montréal, Québec. At this time I took sewing classes and worked in a silk-screen printing shop. In 2013, I moved to British Columbia to New Westminster. In 2015 I took a course on jewelry and I currently work in the studio of a diamond jewelry company.

Now in 2019 I intend to continue my artistic work in this new project based on the production of custom made dolls. They are made of fabric and embroidered with a logo “cat and sheep”. They are all handmade using recycled materials.

Artist Statement

I am from Mexico. I have lived in Canada for 10 years . I have a love of art and music . I like to work with different techniques when I draw, paint, make jewelry and do photography . I am starting a project of fabric custom dolls which are personalized with embroidery.

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