Lillian Black

Visual Artist


West coast artist Lillian Markowski Black is a visual artist with an eclectic multi-disciplinary arts background. Lillian received her BFA from Concordia University and her AEC degree in graphic design from Montreal’s Academy of Art beginning her creative journey as an in-house and freelance textile designer and illustrator. Lillian went on to get her BFA as a studio arts major, exploring a diverse range of artistic media and studying art history extensively, particularly ethnographic art.

Lillian was given the opportunity to continue her fine art studies in France in an artist residency as part of her degree, ultimately focusing her portfolio and passion on painting and photography. Always searching for the elusive heart of the subject, her paintings convey visual sensations of movement and energy juxtaposed with an underlying element of tranquility.

Using her hands, brushes and found objects to intuitively and spontaneously apply the paint and raw pigment directly on the canvas, a unique narrative of past connections are now re-defined into new and expressionistic abstract landscapes where the lingering echoes of memory and place remain. Her artwork can be found in many private collections.

Artist Statement

Conceptually, as a painter, my focus has always been to convey my reverence for the natural world by translating the recognizable into the abstract. As an avid traveler, the creative energy I derive from being in the midst of incredible and diverse natural panoramas is inspiration for the direction of much of my work.

I am also very passionate about photography and many of my paintings begin with a photograph as muse as I re-interpret each of these relationships intuitively, using a free-flowing style.

I paint mainly in acrylics but you might find other types of mediums in my works, as inspiration calls.

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