Corporate Team Building

Helping to Build Your Team’s Foundation

As Low as $60/person!

Choose from:

  • Painting Social

    You bring your team to 100 Braid St and enjoy doing a creative activity together. We suggest that a senior leader from your organization provide a brief introduction to the activity. Our teacher will take over from there, do a group warm-up at the start of the event before proceeding into the painting portion of the event.

    Each event is 4 hours so you have plenty of time for socializing and eating when you bring in your own food and drink. At the end of the event a photo is taken.

    $600 for 10 people
    $60 for each addition person (maximum 40 participants)

  • Team Bonding

    Our team bonding painting events are designed to build trust and provide an opportunity to work together cooperatively. A senior leader from your organization provides a brief introduction and our teacher will do a mindful relaxation technique and a group warm-up. Each person receives a canvas and starts on a painting. Then the fun begins when our teacher will talk about trust and working together and thereafter participants will switch seats and work on each others paintings. This will happen several times until the participants return to their original painting. Your team will learn how to work together to create great art through dialogue, cooperation, and shared creativity. This activity will stretch your team as individuals and they will learn about each others creative strengths. Each session is 4 hours and you are welcome to bring in your own food, drink and/or alcohol.

    $900 for 10 people
    $80 for each additional person (maximum 40 participants)

  • Team Building

    We will meet with you ahead of time and align your painting activity with your company or meeting objectives.  We will create a unique to you painting that will meet your companies philosophy or team needs.

    Each 4 hour event starts out with your team members having the opportunity to enjoy some type of food and drink that you bring in, in a calm, social atmosphere before the painting portion of the event starts. For more information please see our FAQ’s on our Book a Party Page here.

    A senior leader from your organization should provide a brief introduction to the activity to help set the tone and explain why leadership chose to engage the team in this particular event.  Our teacher will begin the painting session with some relaxation and mindfulness techniques and will then lead the group through your specific and chosen activity:

    An example of team building paint events we suggest:

    • each team member creates their own self portrait or art on a value driven theme
    • a unique to you painting will be created that reflects your companies team spirit or values
    • a unique to you painting will be created that is connected to a project that your team is working on
    • individual paintings that when placed together make a whole unique to you painting (great when the finished work is put up in your office)

    At the end of the event, our teacher will do a wrap up group activity, a group photo is taken and your senior leader speaks again to the team and can wrap up the event or engage team in a discussion about what they have learned from the process.

    $1,250 for 10 people
    $110  per additional person (maximum number 40 participants)