together we can do so much

When you join Braid St Studios online your are becoming a part of our judgment free, supportive and non-competitive community. We not only believe but put into practice the African Proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

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included benefits are


all the benefits of Basic, plus


all the benefits of Intermediate, plus

1hr Monthly Mentorship Meeting & Workbook
Resources & Tools Database
Discount Access to Art Supplies
Use of Braid St Logo for your website
Name Website Link in our Artist Directory
General Art Calls
Progress Logs
Buy Sell Swap
Share your Studio/Workspace
Social Media links in our Community Directory
And Much More
1hr Monthly Career Path Interview
Replays of Meetings & Interviews
Name, Photo & Website Link in our Artist Directory
Discounts to photography/art reproduction services, workshops & classes, art retreats
Submit to Braid St Online Art Shows
Become a Beta Tester for Workshops (attend for free or very discounted rates)
Attend weekly Creative Mediations/Visualizations
Attend online Hosted “Get it Done” Workspaces
And Much More
1 hr Hot Seat (solve your specific problem) Meetings
Replay Access to All Meetings & Interviews
Exclusive Professional Art Retreats/Events, Art Residency Notices & Invitations
Exclusive Art Calls & Grant Notifications
Access to professional Services: virtual assistant, grant writer, use of professional Zoom acct (some additional fees)
Submit for Braid St Pop Up & Gallery Art Shows
Website Page
Beta Test Your Own Workshops/Classes
Discount use of Zoom Account Allowing Up To 100 Participants
Braid St Workshop Partnership Opportunities
Be Interviewed for a Career Path Interview
Become a Braid St Mentor
Attend Exclusive Mentor Hosted “Get it Done” Workspaces
Social Media Posting of Your Work or Shows on Braid St Social Media
And Much More

* all pricing mentioned above is in Canadian dollars. Pricing at checkout may be shown in your country’s currency or USD equivalent.


If you are an artist or creative but have never really been involved in an arts community you’ll receive an invitation to join a once a month (1 1/2hrs) creative mastermind group. You will benefit from meeting and forming relationships with other artists, learn from their experiences and be able to share what you are working on, ask for help and increase your skills.

All artists will have the opportunity to form relationships with other artists through the meetings; you will find spaces to share the projects you are working on, get ideas for setting up your own creative space, receive exclusive discounts from vetted partners for things like art & creative supplies, workshops, and retreats. You can participate in both virtual and in person events that we will be scheduling and organizing such as trips to movies, galleries, concerts and more. All artists will have the opportunity to participate in juried online art and/or maker exhibitions with the majority of all sales going directly to the artist themselves.

Most importantly, we provide trusted, vetted and approved resources to help you on your journey. One of the passions of our founder, Susan L. Greig, is providing resources that can be trusted. Much of this is borne from hearing stories of how artists in the community were taken advantage of in the past – more than ever there is a proliferation of art shows, online classes and websites that promise to help you sell your art, be discovered or gain followers on social media, help you with creative block. How do you know who to trust? A secondary important focus of Braid St Studios is to introduce you to peers and a supportive community and we ONLY provide vetted resources that we have worked with personally and who have proven results with multiple artists within the community.


If you have been a practicing artist for some time then we would suggest our second level wherein you will be invited to attend two meetings a month (3hrs per month) with your creative mastermind group. This is a great group to get your feet wet in if you want to explore the idea of significantly improving your skills through our career trajectory interviews, selling your art or hiring out, working in collaboration with other artists in the community on joint projects and creating your art more consistently and regularly.


At the third level of participation you will be invited to participate in three (4 1/2hrs per month) creative mastermind meetings per month.

Focus is much more for professional artists and creatives who may be making some or all of their living from their creations, who teach and/or are wanting to develop classes and courses (you may beta test them within the Braid St community); there are opportunities within the community to be interviewed for our Career Trajectory Interviews and/or teach workshops; you will benefit from the experience of industry professionals and other experienced artists and to leverage the power of this amazing network of creative entrepreneurs.