Invitations: Public Hearing & Heritage Home Tours

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NOTICE Public Hearing:
100 Braid St Property
MONDAY MAY 30th 6:00pm
City Hall New Westminster

This will be the last opportunity to voice your opinion about the proposed redevelopment for the 100 Braid St Property. City Council wants to hear your opinion & we’d appreciate your support.

You may attend this meeting to speak or send email submissions to addressed to the Mayor & city council or you may email them individually.
City Councillors (click on their profiles)

There is no speakers list made in advance of the Public Hearing.  At the meeting, Mayor Coté will ask for speakers and then call individuals forward one at a time.

If the zoning changes it will allow for the development of a 60,000 sq foot private school, Urban Academy. They hope to start building by January 2017. Then at some future point the 100 Braid St building will be torn down and a Residential High Density/Community Facility (condos) will be going up. We are sincerely appreciative of the fact that the proponent, Wesgroup, has in response to the concerns of the public and community, provided the gallery/studio space in the new proposal for the Studio. However, we currently have 5,660 square feet and a 4,300 sq foot venue space will not allow us to continue in our current business model; we will not be able to hold events such as art shows, weddings or corporate events. There will also not be enough parking on site. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A WEDDING OR EVENT SCHEDULED THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU. The building will be replaced by a plaque and Wesgroup is willing to provide a public art piece to represent the heritage of the land.

We have challenged Wesgroup to continue to support the arts & to come up with a creative way to save the building and allow us to stay there. If this zoning and project does go through we have decided that at some point we will likely move to another location, if something that meets our needs can be found in the city. Wesgroup and the city planning department have agreed to help in our search.

100 Braid St is the last remaining building of The BC Distillery and a part of the industrial heritage of the city of New Westminster and the neighbourhood of Sapperton. Read the buildings history here

100 Braid St is not just one business but 17+ individual businesses (artists & teachers) and it provides the only affordable working art studio space in the city at this time. This redevelopment will affect our Artism program, what we can do for local non-profits, teachers, locals who provide services to us such as cleaning, and local businesses & organizations that we do business with and support.  Other businesses located here and that will be affected are: Bully’s Studios Inc and Uptown Dawg New West as well as ‪#‎Planet‬ Lazer and Bullpen Baseball & Softball School

Judy Villett; Judith Copland; Jenna Mhairi; Iris Mes Low; Mardell Rampton, Terra Varey, Victoria Klassen, Fiona Tang, Rachael Hatala-Laughing Sparrow Jewelry; Susan L. Greig; John Salterio; Omanie Elias; Ross Hayduk, Karen Justice, Tony Durke
Carla Thompson, Cliff Blank, Michael King, Gillian Wright, Naomi Topuzoglu, Iris Mes Low, Brenda Hatch, SD Jackson

New Westminster Heritage Home Tour at 100 Braid StYOU ARE INVITED
We’re turning back time to 1929!
Tickets can still be purchased on line at the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society Website

Live Music – Quayside Voices and The Soot’s 
Tea, Coffee, Iced Tea & Light Refreshments will be available to purchase

Jason Vanderhill, historian will be on site to discuss the history of the BC Distillery

We sincerely appreciate the support of the NWPHS
100 Braid St Redevelopment
We hope you will come visit & learn more about us!

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