The Inspiration behind 100 Braid St Studios

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Welcome to 100 Braid St Studios blog!

This is where you’ll find updates on what is happening at the Studio.  I thought I’d start out this blog by introducing myself, a little bit about my background, and what 100 Braid St Studios means to me.

My name is Susan L. Greig and I’m an artist that resides in New Westminster, BC.  I’ve been painting for over 30 years, startingBrenna age 5 with children’s furniture and comissioned murals.  Like many artists, painting and doing something creative has always been where I’ve turned during the most difficult times of my life.  In 1993 my oldest daughter, Brenna was diagnosed with a rare incurable brain disease.  During the last three weeks of her life at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in 1997, I felt compelled to create a painting for her.  I did not consider myself a fine art painter but something inside told me I just had to do it.  Using the materials at hand in the children’s school room I used poster board, sponges and children’s paint brushes to complete a painting of our home.  I put it on a wall where she could see it and after she died we had it framed and hung in our home.

Drawing, sketching, painting, and writing were my constant companions when grief and bereavement were at their peak but by 2004 I had given up doing much in the way of art and continued working in the event planning field.  I felt though that I wanted to find meaning in everything our family had been through and therefore accepted a job at BC Children’s Hospital in 2005 which focused on making things better at the hospital for patients and families.  I will never, ever regret doing this – it was the right thing at the right time.  However, for the past four years I have been pursuing fine art and have known I needed to find a way to quit my job at the hospital to immerse myself in the arts.  100 Braid St Studios is going to allow me to celebrate through art and creating an artists community, the life I am blessed to have now.

I hope you will join me on this next part of my life journey as I follow my dream.

susan-july-2010-   Susan


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