Victoria Klassen

Victoria Klassen1aAs an artist Victoria has always been drawn to the act of creating. Playing with different mediums and materials, whether it’s metal, encaustics, or papier-mâché, is what she finds most exciting.

Her inspiration comes from the natural world and from the materials themselves. Recent work is a series of acrylic intuitive paintings using a process she describes as meditating with a brush in hand.  This is a powerful creative practice where there is no plan or expectations as to what it will look like when it’s complete.  Not having a future goal when she starts a piece, allows her to open herself and explore her intuitive relationship to bold colours, tones, and forms. Through the deep connection to her inner world and heart she is able to put onto canvas the threads of her creativity and energy. There are many layers and the painting goes through many changes throughout the course of its making.

Instagram: @vmklassen

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