Tony Durke

Tony Durke Collage WebsiteTony was born on Vancouver Island and most of his art is either in the context of some place he has been to, or connected to something that has happened or is happening in the world, geo-politically speaking.  He considers himself a student of the world,

The wood he uses is mostly recycled or up-cycled; he prefers to repurpose wood that has already completed a phase of its life.  There are pieces of wood sourced from his brother, Ian, recycled and milled telephone poles and scraps from cut blocks, to discarded set pieces from the film industry in Vancouver.  The beauty of wood can be raw, so he likes to use it to express himself; and coming from a province that has such a large forest industry, wood seems like an appropriate fit in that sense.

He uses a saw, OLFA blade, orbital sander, palm sander and hand sander and the paint mediums he uses are pastel, oil paints, spray paint, chalk, pen and pencil.

His main goal is to spread some beauty around the World and at the same time, be provocative, using only shapes, colour and texture to describe a certain feeling or event. All his art is made with love and the best intentions.

Tony Durke Arts

Twitter: @artkickdarkness

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Birth Growth Life Death-$900        WeatherTraffiCrime                            1914 – $400
……………………………………………..The Death Knell of the CBC $400

prt_200x200_1423725277     prt_200x200_1418624115     prt_200x200_1418623862
Charlie Hebdo                                              Gaza                                            Aleppo
…….$700                                                      (Sold)                                              $700
A Glimpse into Tony’s Studio

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