IAD Show Submission Requirements

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Hanging Requirements:

We are accepting only unframed, 12” x 12” x 1 ½”, back stapled canvas or wooden cradles.  However, if you are a textile artist or another medium and these two options are a challenge for you please contact us at iad.100braidststudios@gmail.com.

Art that is signed on the front or sides will not be accepted

Full name, signature, title and website (if available) must be on the back.

All works must have a title and may not be called “Untitled”.

Art must be marked with an arrow on the back to indicate the top of the piece

Paintings must be submitted completely dry

Submissions are limited to 3 in number

Diptychs and triptychs are acceptable but will not be hung together.
The works are to be delivered on October 7 between 9:00-5:00pm as indicated in the artist contract that will be provided. The artwork must be prepared with 2 eyelets, eye screws, wire or d-rings attached to the canvas 1” from the top of the canvas.  If you are a textile artist and it is not feasible to mount your item to a canvas or wooden cradle please contact us at iad.100braidststudios@gmail.com