The History of the 100 Braid St Building

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We are delighted to let you know that a great start on the history of the 100 Braid St Building has finally been compiled.  You will find it on a new webpage on our site here and we invite you to read the fascinating tale of this “Winery Building”, which has turned out to be the last standing portion of the B.C. Distillery.

Owner Susan Greig started compiling the history of the building two years ago because she is a history lover but recent events have created an urgent need for this to be completed and shared to ensure that an informed opinion may be made by anyone interested in the future of the building.  The story of 100 Braid St is clearly not finished.

Newspaper Clipping
We also wish to advise you also of the Notice of Advisory Planning Commission Meeting to be held Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 6:00pm.  It appears there is an error on this document as to the time of the meeting. It’s our understanding this is the first of two public meetings about the OCP Amendment and Rezoning for 100 Braid St.

File_000 (4)According to the document shown above “The APC wants to hear your opinion on whether the zoning should change. The card says that if you have an opinion, written submissions must be received by Friday, which is today, although any correspondence received after the deadline will be circulated at the meeting. Please also note that there is a typo in the phone number given for Development Planner: Rupinder Basi.  The City Hall number can be called at: 605-521-3711.

The document above also states the time is 6:30pm yet the Agenda for the Advisory Planning Committee Meeting states it starts at 6:00pm so we are assuming the 6:00 time start is the correct one.  If not, it means everyone will arrive 1/2 hour early.   Please find a a direct link to the APC Meeting Agenda and APC Meeting Agenda Package  for more information as to what will be discussed.

If you do send in correspondence, the card says to please email it to  Please also address the letter or email to “Advisory Planning Commission”.   You may also wish to send letters to the Mayor and City Councillors about this matter – contact information can be found by clicking here.

You will find the links and all of the public information available about the current proposal at the end of the 100 Braid St building History page.


If the zoning change goes through it will allow for the sale of the building and the development of the Urban Academy 60,000 sq foot private school. Then at some point the 100 Braid St building will be torn down and a Residential High Density/Community Facility (condos) will be going up. The plan is offering 4,300 sq feet for an artist gallery/studio space within the new building.

Interior 100 Braid St Studios
Interior 100 Braid St Studios
We are sincerely appreciative of the fact that the proponent Wesgroup has, in response to the concerns of the public and community, provided the gallery/studio space in the latest proposal for the Studio.  However, we currently have 5,660 square feet and a 4,300 sq foot venue space will not allow us to continue in our current business model; we will not be able to hold events such as art shows, weddings or corporate events.  There will also not be adequate parking on the site for such. FOR ANYONE WHO ALREADY HAS AN EVENT BOOKED–YOUR EVENT IS NOT AT RISK.

100 Braid St Studios and Gallery is not just one business but a total of 17 businesses.  There are 16 individual artists (many who are city residents) and each one of them has their own career/business. The Studios and Gallery currently provides the only coworking art studio space in the city.  Funds generated from events held in the Gallery Space supplement and keep the cost of the working spaces at an affordable price for both emerging and professional artists.  Other businesses located within the building are: Bully’s Studios  Uptown Dawg  Urban Environmental Clearly Plumbing as well as Planet Lazer and Bullpen Baseball & Softball School.

Thank you to everyone for your support and the concern that has been expressed about the current situation. We hope you enjoy reading about the fascinating history of the 100 Braid St building.

3 thoughts on “The History of the 100 Braid St Building

    Anna Bjarnason said:
    April 15, 2016 at 10:21 am

    This is the email I sent to the Advisory Planning Commission:

    Advisory Planning Commission: I am an artist living in New Westminster. I do not have studio space in 100 Braid Street, however, I would urge the Planning Commission to reconsider the proposed plan to redevelop the site where 100 Braid Street currently exists. It is well known that this piece of property – the actual building – has industrial significance in the history of New Westminster. It now also has considerable significance to the cultural fabric of the City.

    100 Braid Street Studios offer a communal yet individual studio experience. It can be very difficult for artists/craftspeople to find places to work and this arrangement in a bright airy building is affordable, social and accessible.

    Please reject changes to rezoning that will destroy this unique building and the precious commodity that is the 100 Braid Street Studios.

    Anna Bjarnason 253 – 600 Park Crescent New Westminster, BC. V3L 5W1


    Anna Bjarnason


    kim pretzer said:
    April 15, 2016 at 10:25 am

    seems a little fishy that there are so many mistakes in the planning notice. so what do I do? send an email that I am against it?

      100braidststudios responded:
      April 17, 2016 at 10:55 am

      We are providing the history of the building because we love history and think the building has a fascinating story worth being told. The information about the rezoning is included because it has now become a part of the building history and it strives to put that information all in one place for easy access. It is up to each individual to decide what to do with the information.

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