Announcing New Artists at 100 Braid St Studios

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100 Braid Artists Collage

Over the past month and a half we have been turning an empty vintage warehouse into one of the Lower Mainlands most unique art studios.  Although we have yet to finish renovations we are delighted to announce that we already have six artists that will be working and showing in the space:

Solveig Brickenden, New Westminster
Driven to paint by the pursuit of the visceral effects of colour rather than by subject, she now paints large scale interpretive canvasses.  Bound by her recognizable, reflective tone and peaceful pallet, her works deliver several west coast touchstones of long necked birds, cityscapes and abstracts.

Judith Copland, New Westminster
Her paintings are characterized by a unique sense of creativity and love of color, revealing the light and shadows of life.  Drawn to a variety of subjects, Judith’s paintings bring us into a world of feeling and expression, which we might not have discovered.  She believes that art gives us a chance to visit these places. Judith is a member of the New Westminster Group of 7.

Tony Durke, New Westminster
Although Tony’s art has gone through many transformations in style and use of mediums he started working with wood about 7 years ago. Living in a place where one of the main industries is logging, making art on lumber seemed the natural choice. He uses oil and pigments on carved wood and his style is continually morphing.

John Salterio, Surrey
John is an artist who expresses himself through many mediums.  On canvas, he uncovers the beauty in the human form while his sculpture in wood, stone and clay reveals expressions of what lies within, not only his own soul, but that of the medium itself.
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Gillian Wright, New Westminster
As a watercolour artist Gillian captures the beauty of west coast nature.  From the intricacies of a dragonfly wing to the mists of the rain forest her work transports viewers into other worlds and spaces. A multi-talented artist she also expresses herself through life drawing, fibre art, and jewelry. 

Susan L. Greig, New Westminster Owner @100BraidSt
As a contemporary westcoast landscape artist, Susan tells stories through painting.  She puts onto canvas “snapshots” in time that record the light, the colour, and the mood of what is in front of her.

Braid St Studios Renovations
We would be pleased to have you join us.  To see the floor plan, spaces available and prices please click here.

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