International Jazz Day & 100 Braid St Studios

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When I decided that I wanted to follow my dream of creating an art studio I drove around New Westminster looking for buildings that were for lease in M1 Light Industrial Zoned areas. As soon as I saw the back of 100 Braid & its huge windows I knew that I had found a gem, but things got even better a few hours later when I came across the website created by REMax agent, Dean Thomas.  He had created a video about 100 Braid St which showcased the stunning potential of the second floor space and which made me fall abolutely in love with it even before I saw it in person.

Best of all, the music Dean used in the video introduced me to a Jazz musician that I was not familiar with.  Since it’s International Jazz Day I wanted to share the video and a short snippet of  the music used, “Solid Air” by John Martyn. Wikipedia says of this British singer/songwriter and guitarist, “He has been described by The Times as “an electrifying guitarist and singer whose music blurred the boundaries between folk, jazz, rock and blues”.  John Martyn seems like the perfect match for 100 Braid St Studios where our philosophy is the expansion of the dialog around the ever-blurring boundaries and continuum of art to craft.  

Hope you enjoy the video and the day.

One thought on “International Jazz Day & 100 Braid St Studios

    Leslie Welsh Robinson said:
    May 14, 2014 at 11:45 am

    I’ve heard of Solid Air, but haven’t given him much of a listen. Doing so now!

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